The Climate Pilots is a project that originally took place in the City of Kalmar in Sweden. To reach the goal of becoming fossil fuel free by the year 2030 the City of Kalmar realised that it needs help from the local inhabitants.

To decrease greenhouse gas emissions citizens must contribute by changing their habits and choosing climate-smart goods and services. Therefore the City of Kalmar started the project “Climate Pilots” in 2007 to help citizens succeed.

Twelve households in Kalmar were selected as Climate Pilots. During one year they were given 12 objectives/challenges intended to help them to improve their effect on the climate and decrease emissions generated by the goods and services they consume.

On an average the families decreased their emissions by a third, 32%, during the project. This means that together they have achieved a reduction corresponding to 53 tons greenhouse gas that would have been produced during one year taking into account each member of each household.

Kalmar’s Climate Pilots have successfully shown that it is possible to live a more ‘climate-smart life’ and still live well without tremendous effort – it’s all about making informed and conscious decisions on a daily basis.


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