Challenge 4 on Traveling has now started

9 12 2009

Challenge4In the fourth and last challenge the Climate Pilots will look into how we transport ourselves. Transportation plays a significant role in carbon dioxide emissions.

Planes, trains and automobiles are more than just means of transportation. They are necessities of any advanced economy. Unfortunately, this freedom to go wherever we wish and get things from wherever we want is 95-percent reliant on burning oil.

Fortunately there are many things the Climate Pilots can do to decrease their impact on the environment when it comes to traveling. During the challenge they will keep a transport diary and later on learn EcoDriving.

Read more about the fourth challenge >>




2 responses

2 01 2010
Krita Rudd

I followed links to this blog from the Washington Post article on the Climate Pilots I read in my email today and found it most interesting! It makes me happy in this new year to read about folks who are taking the challenge to live lighter upon the land in America. Some Americans, such as my husband and I started looking at the link between food and transportation choices, among other things, and their environmental impact some time ago already. We stopped eating beef 30 years ago and stopped eating all mammals 12 years ago. We own 1 vehicle in our household and have done so for 30 years even though we both have busy lives and 2 daughters. My point is not to “one up” anyone or to polish our laurels in public, but I would like to point out to both our fellow Americans and our friends in Europe that some Americans, notably those who intentionally live lower profile lives, have been at this good work for some time and continue to strive to find new ways to keep it simple and “green”. The “green movement” is not new to the U.S. ; its just more trendy now and has achieved some media recognition. That’s great, if that’s what it takes to get us to where we need to go! Kudos to all the Climate Pilots! Maintain course and fly high!

4 01 2010

I followed this link from the Washington Post article. I love the concept, very much in line with my personal understanding of the need for culture change, but it disturbs me that the initial batch of climate pilots are not reflective of this country’s diversity. We need an inclusive movement for the conscious evolution of our economy and culture. I offer my service in helping get a program going in the Bay Area (or another urban area) that includes people of color.

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