Challenge 3 on Energy has now started

1 11 2009

Challenge 3 EnergyToday, more than ever, consumers have the ability and the interest to choose clean energy, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, and efficient combined heat and power. In the third challenge the Climate Pilots will look into what they can do when it comes to energy including electricity, heating/cooling and water.

By being an active consumer you can influence your consumption of energy and also lower your costs. We all make use of energy in one form or another in our daily lives. You can influence your consumption in both very simple and more advanced ways.

Did you know that, of the total energy consumed in America, about 39% is used to generate electricity. Therefore, electricity consumption is an important portion of a consumer’s environmental footprint. All forms of electricity generation have some level of environmental impact.

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 By: Tove Lund, Project Manager
City of Kalmar, Sweden




2 responses

4 11 2009

You are facing a challenge with a high grade of motivation; saving electricity/energy is not just saving the planet but also saving your wallet.
Good luck!
Climate coaches Karin & Jörgen

2 01 2010
Michael Breedlove

I have just converted my home in Columbia, Missouri to a ground-source geothermal heating and cooling system. Engineering calculations indicate that I should be able to save 75% of all energy previously used to heat and cool the house. The 30% federal tax credit lowered the cost of the conversion to approx. $14,000. The energy savings should amount to $1200 per year (at current electric rates) yielding a return on investment of ~8.5% annually. The city of columbia electric utility provides energy conversion loans at 0.5% interest up to $15,000. If the government provided the seed money, both sides could make a profit (unheard of for our government) using existing technology. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out once you know the facts.
I’d love to be a climate pilot. Columbia is a university town.

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