When the Cat’s Away…

17 10 2009

uke…I will play! I will play the ukulele, that is. Isaiah’s been out of town for work, so I spent the last part of Challenge 2 entertaining myself on my own. I took advantage of the empty rooms to work on a few projects that required no driving, no purchasing (beyond initial purchases made years ago and the gift of a ukulele), and allowed me to hone a few skills.

I practiced plucking out Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (hey, I never said I was good at the ukulele!), and I used my beloved sewing machine to work on a few fleecy jackets and blankets. Those will help me stay warm when we turn the heat down this winter to minimize our utility use.  I worked on a vintage (some might say outdated) cross stitch pattern, and I read piles and piles of books.  All in all, it was lots of productive, eco-friendly fun!

by Climate Pilot Mya Akin




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