15 10 2009

apple-1Hello out there! It’s been a while since Isaiah and I have written, but we’ve certainly taken time to reflect on our discoveries and challenges as we explored green leisure activities. 

It’s been hard for us to find recreation that requires absolutely no driving as the Metro transit system is somewhat limited outside of DC limits. That’s not to say it’s impossible to have fun without a car; we love to talk long walks with our dog, and balcony gardening can be rewarding. I managed to learn to read a bus schedule and with some false starts, I discovered a way to take the train and bus to a museum, but I also discovered that the bus runs only once an hour! (Isaiah takes public transit to work daily, I should mention, but my experience is much more limited.) By the end of this challenge, we realized that planning ahead really was the key to this challenge for us, if we wanted to be completely eco-friendly.

When we wanted to be a bit more spontaneous, we did buckle and drive at times. We tried to moderate the effects of driving on the environment by 1)doing it only when necessary, 2)coupling it with a leisure activity that is green, and 3)carpooling with friends.  Once of my favorite autumn activities was visiting an orchard with friends and picking pounds and pounds of apples. We saved money, we got some exercise and enjoyed nature, we got to catch up with pals, and we found that we’d created another climate-friendly leisure activity for us when we got home: making and freezing applesauce!

by Climate Pilots Mya and Isaiah Akin




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