Launching Challenge 2 on Spare time and consumption

1 09 2009

Challenge 2In the second challenge it’s time for the Climate Pilots to take an overall perspective on their spare time and consumption.

Is it possible to make our leisure time climate friendly and how can we become more ’climate-smart’ as consumers and at the same time still live a good life?

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By: Tove Lund, Project Manager
City of Kalmar, Sweden




One response

21 09 2009

I have a piece of information that really helps you in this second challenge. If you convince yourself that shopping is not an hobby. If you don’t walk around in the city center you don’t buy things that you don’t need. Change walking around in shops to walking around in the forest, take a bicycletrip, play beachvolleyboll, do birdwatching, run in the forest, play with your children, eat breakfast on a bridge, go fishing, visit the swimminghall, solve a sudoku, play with your pet, go to the gym, meet a friend (if he/she is too far away call him/her), join a chess club if your interested in chess, join an orchid club if you are in to flowers, talk to strangers when you are out walking and people and the environment will smile to you.

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