Thoughts on Challenge 1

23 08 2009

It’s easy to control what we eat at home, day to day. We’ve easily transitioned to eating a lot less meat, and virtually no beef (just cleaning out the freezer for now). Yet, eating out is more challenging. The school or summer camps set the kids’ meals. In restaurants, there are fewer vegetarian options, the portion sizes here in America are tyypically HUGE, and more food often goes to waste.

Re: food thrown away, this exercise has been incredibly enlightening. I had no idea how much we throw away. I often buy a bit too much, so that we end up throwing out rotten fruits/veggies or stale bread. Also, it’s hard to get the kids’ portion size just right. When we started tracking, I realized I was tossing out about 1/2 c milk every morning w/their breakfast. That adds up!

Next steps for us: I’ll contact my children’s school to see if we can reduce the amount of beef served and increase the vegetarian options. I’m taking pride in bringing home a “doggy bag” from restaurants. We’re working day to day at home to minimize our food waste – thinking about how many times we’ll be home for meals in a week before food shopping. How many peaches will we really eat? And how many nights will we be home in time to make a full salad for dinner? I’m also giving the kids less food to start their meals; they can always have a little more.

Record sheet: eating meat >>

Record sheet: food thrown away >>

By Climate Pilots Kathy and Nolan




One response

31 08 2009

One of the schools I was teaching at had a good way of reducing the food going to waste. Every day they gathered it all up in a bucket. Then they gave it all to a student who had chickens back home. The food all thrown down in the bucket didn’t look very nice but the chickens didn’t care.

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