Everything’s Sweeter in Sweden!

3 08 2009

Swedes are known for a lot of things: Swedish meatballs, clogs, and windmills just to name a few. After having spent 4 days and 3 nights there myself I have to add friendliest people, greatest food and an impressive recycling program to the top of that list.

During my 10 day road trip in Europe with co-workers and friends Mya and Misty we had the unique experience of living the life (if even just for a brief time) of local Swedish residents. Thanks to the kind nature of the Nilsson family, Rolf Moller’s family, Tove, and other Climate Coaches we enjoyed the fun, food and recycling practices of these newfound friends.

Möller's kitchenWhile in Sweden we made a visit to Rolf Möller’s home in Kalmar, located on the west coast of Sweden to meet with his family and a few of the other Climate Coaches. Rolf and his wife had prepared a spread of  delicious ‘climate friendly’ food for our visit complete with organic Free Trade wine. We had a wonderful time dining together and discussng the Climate Pilot Project while sharing tips for this first food challenge.

And the meal didn’t stop there! After dinner we enjoyed a delicious dessert of strawberries doused in milk with a sprinkle of sugar and gingerbread cookies as well as freshly picked cherries from Rolf’s cherry tree located just outside of his house.
recycleAfter dinner we had the opportunity to visit one of the many recycling depots that Sweden has available to the neighborhoods. In order to “pay for our meal” Mya and I helped Rolf and his family sort the recycling and deposit them into the correct containers.
As you can tell my trip to Sweden was an unbelieveable adventure full of fabulous people and fantastic food. I would like to thank the Nilsson family, Rolf & Birgitta, Adam, Jorgen & Karin and Tove for making this an incredible trip, one I will remember fondly forever!
By Climate Pilot Angela Ulsh



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