From Adam

1 08 2009

I am 33 years old and I feel like 75 when I am about to enter a place like this. Spam for me is the name of that strange food ingridient Monty Python is singing about. I have no clue where this message is going to show, in whitch column och on what page, the dashboard or the posted messages. I guess we will see.

Don’t make a fuss, I’ll have your spam…

Anyway, it was great to meet those of you who came to Sweden. We had a great time. Hope your trip further on went on fine.

I figured out that the product marking we have in Sweden for ecologically grown food does not exist in the states. I am sorry for that. My girlfriend even thinks those products taste better than the other ones. For me the most important thing about food is that it is served in big portions and often. When I buy a product branded by KRAV (certain demands are fulfilled on the product) I try to feel that I invest in the future. Very pretentious I know. It is almost always more expensive. Normally the more money you spend, the more carbondioxide you produce. That is very easy for me to add to my behaviour because I am a bit stingy. But when it comes to food it is more expensive to produce less carbondioxide.

Oh well, we try to grow tomatoes, there are no tomatoes yet, but some day maby. We grow a few spices. Rhubarbs, because they grow like weed. There are two apple trees in the garden. So in the autumn we try not to buy any fruit. That must be the most locally grown food you can find. It is only 15 meters from our door.

I have no recipies. Why, beacuse i am a guy. My girlfriend loves food and she looks for recipies. We cook together and I do the dishes.

sii juu inn saijberspaeijs

By Climate Coach Adam




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