Making Informed Choices

23 07 2009

We were at the beach all last week, and had time to be thoughtful about meal preparation. On our first day I took my daughter and her friend to the grocery store with me. I asked them to help pick out some fruit, at first I gave them no restrictions, they came back with grapes, blueberries, strawberries and clementines. They all seemed like reasonable choices, until I read the packaging, clementines from South Africa–that seemed like an awfully long way to ship fruit. I told the girls we could not get them and that we should look for a substitute from a local source–it turned into a game and they soon had returned with more seasonal choices from the region! Success.

It really only took a few seconds to make a more informed and environmentally conscious choice, that had no negative affect on the quality of our life. I find myself reading all the produce labels searching for those from local sources. I would expect this to be relatively easy especially as it is summer and produce is plentiful in the surrounding area. Surprisingly local grocery store sources do not carry many local choices.

This week we will have time for the weekend farmers market and I am looking very forward to building menus from our community providers. We will also track our consumption habits and food receipts. I will be very curious to review the results!

By Climate Pilot Jane Rathbun 




One response

23 07 2009

Jane, I appreciate your comments about meal planning while on vacation. I really struggle with that, whether I’m traveling domestically or internationally, so it’s great to read about your family’s solutions.

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