Getting Started

20 07 2009

Three weeks have gone by since meeting our Swedish counterparts.  It was a wonderful experience! Thanks to the Swedish Embassy, the great people of Kalmar, and all the other folks involved in kicking the challenge off.  We could not think of a better way to start. The energy and excitement was very contagious. A lot of good, practical, information was shared. The most immediate and I believe the most important lesson–stop and think before you act.  Armed with that bit of knowledge, we can make minor adjustments to are daily routines and habits that could have big impacts on the environment!  

Our first challenge–food–will make us question whether our food choices are good for us and good for the environment? This is a great one to start out with as I love to cook, and Roy loves to eat! Roy and I stood before our cupboards and refrigerator questioning the environmental impact of our previous food choices. I started one of our challenges last week: tracking how much food we discard–something I never thought twice about before–and wow, we definitely over buy and over cook!  Luckily we have a compost bin! But that does not excuse the waste!  I think I can minimize our waste by being better at planning meals and purchasing food according to the plan.  I also plan on using what we have before purchasing more, our cupboards are full of things that can be turned into good meals–beans, lentils, pasta.  I have begun perusing our favorite recipe sites looking for meatless main courses, and we have started looking at our favorite recipes to see how they could become more environmentally conscious.

By Climate Pilot Jane Rathbun




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