Harvest time on the balcony

17 07 2009

Mya is currently in Sweden visiting relatives who own a farm on the Southwest coast.  For much of the year the farm provides local climate-friendly food for the family, and neighbors.  She has been getting tips on how to grow a variety of items all through the year.  She will soon be traveling to Kalmar to meet with several climate coaches who will show her some of the changes they have made to be more climate friendly.

I have been trying to keep our mini farm on our balcony growing.  I harvested two tomatoes and a pepper yesterday, and it looks like lots more are on the way.  In the end, I don’t know that balcony gardens are an economical way of getting climate-friendly produce, but at least it is fun.

By Climate Pilots Isaiah and Mya Akin




One response

23 07 2009

I’m going to weigh in here and mention that I love to grow things, and right now, our balcony is all we have in the way of personal outdoor space. So I try to make use of it. For the last two years, I grew pretty flowers. However, they weren’t edible, and I never cut them to make the bouquets that I love to decorate my home because their yield was so low. This year, I figured that since I’d be growing plants anyway, they might as well contribute to our household. Thus, the balcony vegetables. So I’d argue that my $6 tomato plants are earning their keep more than my formerly beloved petunias. And more tomatoes are on their way!

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