The 1/3 plate

13 07 2009

foodTo decrease the meat intake, and also getting a better foodintake, generally – there are som easy steps to take; 1/3 of the plate should contain of salad or some other tasty vegetables, the other 2/3 need to be some carbohydrate such as potatoes, pasta (wholemeal) and the other 3/3 may be fish, chicken or some other good protein.

By decreasing red meat (beef) we can make a big difference in the “hunt” for CO2.

To buy more organic and locally produced food help us save on the CO2 as well of course.

My statement is this – Eat by the 1/3 plate thinking, eat eco and locally produced food. This makes life better in all aspects!

And if we do eat meat (we eat meat about 2-3 times a week) make the meat portions smaller – and add more vegetables on the plate.

By Climate Coach Patrik Helin




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