We went out bicycling today..

9 07 2009

BicyclesAll four of us were out on a little bicycle tour today. Our goal was to get some air and maybe have a bath.

When we arrived to a place about 2 km from our home by the seaside called Revsudden (an old harbour), there was a newly arrived fishingboat selling fresh fish. For about 100 swedish crowns / kilo (appr 12 US D ) we got the best of fish. Home again we lightened the grill, invited some friends and there it was; the not planned fantastic meal which we all very much liked of course.

A day that was in the best of climate thinking – we where bicycling (not driving our car) we bought fresh Swedish fish (not some other dum fast food) and we invited a couple of friends, and of course talking about the journey to Washington DC, and that we all did over there.

Everyone are so very very interested in this Climate Pilot thing – so now we have started a dinner club in our neighborhood.  Every Wednesday, during the summer to start with, some of our neighbors invite for dinner – in a climate good way! I like!!!!!!

All the best from Kalmar

PS. We used Teriyaki sauce spicing the fish, and we had fresh potatoes, vegetables and a really good cold sauce – and of course some wine. The wine of the day (found in the basement – was a Semmilon Chardonnay 2008)

Bye bye for now, and don´t forget the helmet riding the bicycle!

By Climate Coach Patrik Helin




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