Local Food, Local Flavor

8 07 2009

Climate Pilots begins in the Akin home! Our first challenge is about food—using local, sustainable, and organic food, whenever possible, while minimizing waste.  We’ve had fun with this challenge so far, probably because we’ve been trying to eat locally for a few years.  We have a few favorites that we thought we’d share with you because they save us time, money, taste better, and are better for the environment.

We are members of a CSA (community supported agriculture) where members become shareholders of a local farm who share in the risks and rewards of the farm’s harvest.  Our CSA at Great Country Farms delivers our weekly portion of the bounty from late spring through fall, though we like to head up their to pick our favorite fruits and veggies as well.  We’ve learned to eat locally this way—if we don’t eat what’s delivered, we’re wasting our money. And we really don’t want to do that!

We also have a dairy, South Mountain Creamery, that brings us milk, eggs, yogurt, and the occasional cheeses every other week or so.  We’ve been out to that dairy, we’ve seen the operation, and we are definitely assured that the cows are happy, healthy, and well-treated.DSCN1085

Something new we’re waiting on is our share of honey from a local apiary, The Naked Bee. We should be getting three pounds of honey plus a set of beeswax candles sometime this summer.
We feel good about what we do to support climate-friendly food options so far, but we know we can do much better. We’re looking forward to sharing this challenge with you.

by Climate Pilots Mya and Isaiah Akin




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