First reflections as a Climate Pilot

3 07 2009

Climate Pilot Angela and Climate Coach RolfHaving spent the last three days with the fabulous creators, contributors, and coaches of the Climate Pilot project I have come to the conclusion that the Swedish are by far the most fun and friendly group of people I have ever had the pleasure to meet!

I am excited to be visiting some of the Climate Coaches this July in Kalmar, Sweden and hope to learn a few cooking tips from the masters of this project.


I am eager to begin my quest to a healthier more eco-friendly life style and with Day 2 coming to a close I am more excited than ever for this challenge.

By: Angela Ulsh, Climate Pilot in Washington D.C.




One response

8 07 2009

Nice words Angela. Thanks. Couldn´t agree more.. ;o)
I suck in a little bit of that – I thought we had a great time over in Washington DC, and it was so very interesting and fun meeting all of you and, really, all the good and interesting discussions that took place. I do hope you all get a nice vacation here in Sweden – and I hope meeting you and the others soon again!!! Good luck with all the challenges!!!

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