Some recipes from our life at the terrace

1 07 2009

At the terraceWe love to eat out at our terrace with the sea and nature as neighbours, yet in the city area. Earlier, we grilled a lot of red meat, more or less as a routine choice of food. That’s silly, since fish, vegetables and chicken have more opportunities to vary in taste and spices. Quite often, we don’t now for sure how many people gonna eat. Just Birgitta and I or some of our three close living children with families? 2 or 14 persons, that’s the question – and a challenge. Mix some basic components, easy to add more – that’s’ our solution.

More and more we learn to do the cooking with different basic components, in order to avoid leftovers. If so, we use it again at coming days and just add some more fresh food for a new complete dinner or lunch. Since our challenges as Climate Pilots, we have increased our skills in the kitchen, seldom get problems with leftovers and – very important – we have better variations with more and more species.

SOME BASIC – to be served with fish, chicken, halomi cheese or just vegetables

Potato Salad
Boil fresh potato with salt – as smaller as better.
Let it cool.
Divide only the biggest potatoes, fry all of it together with thyme and a little of oil.
Divide spring onion and/or leek and fresh tomatoes (much) also some sun dried tomatoes in small pieces.
Mix all of it carefully together with olive oil, fresh seasonal species, salt and some French mustard. 

Bean and Mango Salsa
4 – 6 persons
400 g tinned mixed beans – well rinsed
5 -6 spring onions – divide
1 Mango – divide
1 Chilli – divide
2 dl parsley – divide
3 spoons olive oil
2 spoons apple cider vinegar
Salt and black pepper
Mix carefully 

More recipes from Rolf:

By: Rolf Möller, Climate Coach in the City of Kalmar




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9 07 2009

Rolf, thank you for the recipes! We’ll be trying them at home very soon!

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