The first challenge – food

30 06 2009

Did you know that, in an average household, about one quarter of household carbon dioxide emissions come from the food? Therefore there is a lot the Climate Pilots in Washington can do when they have now been given their first challenge – about food.


On 29 June, the Climate Pilots project officially started and all the households were invited to the house of Kathy and Nolan. The Climate Pilots were given an introduction to food by the Climate Coaches Rolf and Patrik from the City of Kalmar. The chef Martin Johansson from the Embassy of Sweden had as well brought a box with climate-smart food and gave the families some tips on what and where to buy climate-smart food?

So what is then climate-smart food?
Some quick tips for your food shopping is to follow the growing season in the state you live and to buy locally grown food as well as organic food whenver possible. It’s also good to eat more foods that are lower on the food chain. Avoid eating meat every day, choose natural beef, venison or eat beans of various kinds instead as they are lower on the food chain.

Did you know that the average food travels 1500 miles to reach your plate? Transportation of food contributes to as much as 20-30 percent of emissions along the food chain! It makes a big difference if you can avoid foods transported by air.

You can read more about the Climate Pilots first challenge on the website:

By: Tove Lund
Project Manager Climate Pilots in Washington D.C.
City of Kalmar in Sweden




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