Wanted Climate Pilots

7 05 2009

We are looking for households that want to become ‘Climate Pilots’. You should be willing to test and find new ways of reaching the goal of decreasing carbondioxide emissions in the environment.

Is it possible to be climate-smart in 2009? What are the greatest obstacles and what can we change with minimal effort?

We are looking for all kinds of people; maybe you like to cook or decorate, have a weakness for cars and engines, or love to travel. What you all have in common is that you have a desire to live more simply, and during six months would be willing to try to find new ways of doing this.

You are a person who would rather combat climate change in your local environment than contribute to it. You want to make a difference by finding real everyday solutions and in this way serve as an example for others to follow. You have the courage to resist negative trends and to change your own habits.

What do you get?
If you decide to become a Climate Pilot you will gain knowledge on how to live a more climate-smart life. During a period of 6 months, starting on June 30th in 2009, we will invite you to meet four challenges in the following areas:

• consumption of food
• travel and transportation
• consumption of energy
• consumption of goods and services

We will give you the guidance and coaching you need in order to succeed in meeting the challenges and achieving the goals.

Exhibition at House of Sweden
Climate change and climate policy are hot topics in House of Sweden in 2009 as Sweden prepares for the coming Presidency in the European Union which begins on July 1st and ends December 31st. The project Climate Pilots will be part of an exhibition at House of Sweden starting on July 1st. The focus will be on issues such as climate change and sustainable living. The visitors will be able to follow the Climate Pilot families in Washington on the project website: www.climatepilots.com

Tove Lund
Project Manager, Climate Pilots in Washington D.C.
City of Kalmar in Sweden